This course is a suggested model for assessing the potential for workplace violence. The individual taking this course should be aware that predicting who might contribute to a workplace violence situation is difficult because there are so many variables involved. Additionally, workplace violence is not just a violent act; we must consider numerous types of behaviors discussed throughout this course.

These behaviors are rarely identified simply by looking on the surface. Instead we must go below the surface and use our education and insight to help us predict and prevent possible workplace violence.

The more common issues looked at in the workplace violence arena today include bullying, harassment of any kind, intimidation, and domestic or intimate partner violence.

This course will begin with the discussion of some of the more common variables you should be aware of.

• What is the Definition of Workplace Violence
• Factors that May Influence Violence
• Violence Due to Genetic Disorder
• Violence Due to Socioeconomic Factors
• Environmental Factors, Substances use/Abuse & Interaction with Others
• Statistical Trends Seem to Indicate Workplace Violence is Declining
• How “You” can Affect Change and Do More in the Workplace
• Interpersonal Conflict
• Discipline/Criminal Behavior and/or Personal Problems
• Results of Termination
• And more!!

Each online course is developed from an 8-hour classroom-based curriculum. The average length of our online courses is 90 to 120 minutes.


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