There is never a day as a law enforcement officer that is normal or should lull you into complacency!

This course authored by very experienced individuals on suggested Officer Survival Techniques can assist your day-to-day safety and readiness. The Subject Matter Experts assembled for this course come from across the country. They work in small and large agencies and have different yet complementary specific areas of expertise.

These experts hold strong and varying opinions on the precise technique, maneuver, or force option they would deploy in specific situations.

Despite these different preferences, each SME agrees and is sure of the most
salient take home message of this course: Officers who face and overcome serious
threats will not know in advance when or where they will face the challenge or
what form it will take. Smart officers take the risk of police work seriously and
prepare themselves and those around them for these inevitable and potentially fatal challenges.

We cannot predict when our safety or survival will be threatened next but we can accurately predict it will be threatened repeatedly during the course of our police careers.

This course provides interviews with some of the nations most experienced law enforcement professionals, tips and suggestions to practice daily, and insight into legal ramifications of your actions.

Each online course is developed from an 8-hour classroom-based curriculum. The average length of our online courses is 90 to 120 minutes.


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