It is the policy of the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department (MDSPD) that officers will adhere to Florida State Statute 776.05, Law Enforcement Officer’s; Use of Force in Making an Arrest, and use only the force that reasonably appears necessary to effectively bring an incident under control, while protecting the lives of the officer and others. The officer must only use that force which a reasonably prudent officer would use under the same or similar circumstances to effect lawful objectives. (CFA 4.01)

MDSPD adopts the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Criminal Justice Standards and Training, Use of Force “Totality of Circumstances” application as a guideline for its officers. All sworn personnel will be issued copies of, and instructed in this Use of Force policy before they are authorized to carry a weapon.

Each online course is developed from an 8-hour classroom-based curriculum. The average length of our online courses is 90 to 120 minutes.


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